SwitchID Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying: 

"I received my SwitchIDs yesterday after work and when I got into them I couldn't stop! The SwitchIDs are awesome! I just couldn't stop laying them out and figuring where I was going to put them. We have lived in this house for at least 20 years and still don't know where all the switches went."

- Byrne, USA


"I received my SwitchID sets last week. They look great, work well, and are just as advertised! The instructions are clear and simple. SwitchIDs are a quick and practical solution!!"

- Steve S.  


"Sick of Trial and Error Switching? What a great gift!!! Love the product. To quote my 8-year-old, "THAT is GENIUS!!!" "

- Michelle H.    


"We are active AirBNB hosts. Our home is rather large and can be divided in to two complete apartments. The space where our guests stay has a VERY large number of switches and knobs, and as you can guess it can be difficult for someone new to get a handle on what switch controls what.

SwitchID is the perfect solution for us!"

- Michael L, AirBNB host  


"We are the process of trying to buy a home and this is perfect."

- Rebecca E., new home buyer