The SwitchID Product Design

Using universal iconography and durable automotive grade polyurethane, SwitchIDs were designed to do one thing...


SwitchIDs are UV and scratch resistant, made of automotive-grade polyurethane using high-tack adhesive, SwitchIDs stay on your switch plate for as long as you want.


[1] PREP - Tighten screws and clean the switchplate with an alcohol based cleaner.

[2] PLACE - Gently apply the SwitchID over the switchplate screw or on the switch.

[3] PRESS - Firmly press on the entire surface of the SwitchID for complete adhesion.

CLEANING - Made of automotive grade polyurethane SwitchIDs can be cleaned with any house hold cleaner.

REMOVAL - Carefully work a non-sharp tool under the edge of the SwitchID until with can grab and remove the SwitchID.