Try SwitchID Light Switch Stickers

Try SwitchID Light Switch Stickers

Looking for identification light switch stickers? Whether it be for guests, kids, or the husbands who cannot find the garbage disposal...confusing switch configurations exist in many homes across the globe. As a result, we often revert to writing the purpose of a switch onto a piece of masking tape or using cheap light switch stickers to help us remember which switch is which. Well, light switch stickers are so last year. SwitchIDs are modern, great looking, long lasting solution to this common problem. Below is an example of how and why Janine and Brett used SwitchIDs in their home.

Light Switch Stickers

Janine’s kids, ages 5 and 3, love stickers! There were stickers all over the home, and it was just something that Janine and her husband Brett had gotten used to over the past few years.

"Janine decided to use the sticker obsession of her children to her advantage."

One of the things that drove Brett crazy was the fact that the kids would turn on the light in just about every room they entered and then would run out, playing, inevitably leaving the light on. Janine decided to use the sticker obsession of her children to her advantage. She decided to apply stickers to the light switches, in the hopes that her kids would notice the stickers and this attention would cause them to turn off the lights. This only worked partially, because while having their favorite cartoon character on a sticker was fun, there was no immediate connection in the kids' mind to what flipping the switch would do.

Janine came across a Facebook post from one of her friends who had just purchased and installed the SwitchIDs. The SwitchIDs looked like stickers for the switch plate, and even better, the icons on the SwitchIDs resembled the appliance that the switch controlled.

Janine started with one order - a Glow In The Dark Bed and Bath edition. The SwitchIDs arrived about one week later from Wisconsin, and these new switch stickers were an immediate hit with her children. They loved the light bulb and fan icons on the switch plates in their room, and the Glow In The Dark feature made the SwitchIDs look “cool” to them. The kids turned off the lights more, just to see the SwitchIDs glow!

Because Janine didn't need the Glow In The Dark feature in her living room, she ordered the Almond colored SwitchIDs to match her switch plates in the rest of the house. After a few days, Brett mentioned that he can’t imagine not having the SwitchIDs in the house. They fit in with the decor and really helped remind the kids to "make the stickers glow" when they left their rooms.

"After a few days, Brett mentioned that he can’t imagine not having the SwitchIDs in the house.

Brett, Janine, and their two children absolutely love the SwitchIDs. The different editions and color choices allowed them to use Glow In The Dark in the bed and bathrooms, and a more elegant 3D almond colored edition in the living room and kitchen. Brett decided to use Glow In the Dark in the garage and in the basement as well. To them, SwitchID light switch stickers are much more than simply stickers for switch plates. They are the perfect solution for their family.

Janine and Brett are both thankful for the simple things like SwitchIDs that make their lives a little bit easier. Click here to find your better alternative to light switch stickers.