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If you're looking for identification light switch decals, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking to improve the stay for guests, help kids with ease of access, or remind the husbands who cannot locate the garbage many homes all over the globe you can find confusing switch configurations that exist.  As a result, we often go back to writing the purpose of a switch onto a piece of masking tape or using cheap light switch decals to help us remember which switch is which. Well, light switch decals are so last year. SwitchIDs are modern, great looking, and are a long lasting solution to this common problem.

Light Switch Decals

Beth Kull decided many years ago to stay at home and be a full-time mom. Her children, now 10 and 8, kept her plenty busy. Beth used to work in accounting for a Fortune 500 company, a job that many of her friends said was perfect for her. Beth loved to organize and categorize things, and this spilled over into her personal life as a mom. Her basement was full of perfectly organized and labeled bins, her children’s school folders and supplies are neatly organized and labeled, and her husband joked that even the remote controls were labeled.

"One area of her home that, until recently, was not labeled was the light switches.

One area of her home that, until recently, was not labeled were the light switches. Beth had tried to label them, especially the banks of 2-4 switches, but the light switch decals she was able to make with her label maker just didn't look good with her decor. One day, she found SwitchIDs on Pinterest, and after checking out the website, she decided to order a Whole House Edition in white 3D and give these light switch decals a try.

Beth immediately started to install the light switch decals in the upstairs bed and bathrooms. Every single room had a 3-switch plate and therefore provided the perfect opportunity to install these re-imagined light switch decals; one switch for the main light, one switch for the fan, and one switch for a closet light. In addition, the master bedroom had a switchable outlet, and the hallway had switches for the hallway light, a fan, and the lights above the stairs leading downstairs. The kid's bathroom had 2 light switches, one for the light and one for the fan, and the master bedroom had four switches on one switch plate.

"...and her husband jokingly commented on how these SwitchID light switch decals would save him a few gray hairs."

The living room needed several SwitchIDs, and her order provided her with all the symbols she needed, including the outdoor lights that were switched next to the main entrance. She was finally able to easily identify the switch that started the fireplace, which was located right next to a switch for an outdoor light, by placing the SwitchID light switch decals onto the decor switch. The kitchen, including the SwitchID decal for the garbage disposal, was an immediate hit with her husband. He wouldn't get startled by turning on the disposal accidentally while trying for the can lights!

She had the same experience in the garage and basement. Light switch decals were needed in several spots, and the SwitchIDs provided the much-needed solution.

After having applied the SwitchID decals throughout the house she was excited to show them to her family that evening. Her kids loved the SwitchIDs in their bedrooms, and her husband jokingly commented on how these SwitchIDs would save him a few gray hairs. SwitchIDs provided the light switch decals solution she was hoping for at a very reasonable price, and her home was now properly labeled to her satisfaction! On to the next project. Click here to find your better alternative to light switch decals.