How to Prepare a Home for Rental

Learn How to Prepare Your Home for Rental

Sometimes it is the little things that you do to prepare a home for rental that gets your property rented. Anytime you can stand out from the competition, you have a leg up. Learn how SwitchIDs can help make your property stand out in renters' minds. And see the unintended benefits of SwitchIDs in Scott's story below.

Preparing Your Home For Rental With SwitchID

Scott Brown is a landlord of a multi-unit property that he manages in his retirement. He lives in one of the units and has three tenants. Because he is on-site, he is able to make repairs, and catch and fix problems right away. It also means that his tenants have no problem knocking on his door at any time night or day. However, he enjoys the income that allows him to live at home and have something to work on and stay busy. When Scott first learned of SwitchID light switch labels, he immediately bought several whole house kits- including one of the glow in the dark sets. 

The low price and ease of application made them a perfect solution for assisting tenants in identifying switches. Frequently, he would find tenants accidentally turning on garbage disposals, grinding up silverware or washcloths. He hoped by marking the switches, it would help tenants to turn on the light rather than inadvertently the garbage disposal. He already had replaced one that had burned out when a dish cloth went down too fast to be caught by the tenant.

"The low price and ease of application made them a perfect solution for assisting tenants in identifying switches."

Scott also requested his tenants leave on porch lights for safety reasons, and they usually didn’t remember. He was concerned without outdoor lights on, he or his tenants or their guests could trip, and he didn’t want the liability or for anyone to be hurt. By simply labeling them with a glow in the dark SwitchID, the tenants seemed to be more aware. If they could see the SwitchID illuminated, they were reminded to turn on the o
utdoor lights. Because of the high grade, automotive strength materials, he knows they will last through tenant turn-over, and he appreciates that as well as being able to be wiped clean time and again.

An additional benefit Scott didn’t expect was that it actually made his own living experience easier. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he also would frequently forget which switches activated which lights or appliances. By adding SwitchID to his own space, he felt more calm and confident. Scott would definitely recommend SwitchIDs as one component of how to prepare your home for rental.

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