About Us

Matthias Bollmus and John Schlick are the owners of Napkin Innovations, L.L.C., the parent company of SwitchID.

They have worked together since 2007, and in 2009 they formally started Napkin Innovations, L.L.C. with the intention of developing products. Their first product design and partnership agreement was literally written on a napkin during lunch at a national sandwich chain. 

The company is designed as a think-­tank for new consumer ideas.  “We are trying to capture the every-day problems and see if there is an opportunity to tackle those through innovative solutions” say Matthias.

When both owners first sat down to discuss what Napkin Innovations was going to look like and what they wanted to accomplish, part of the discussion was regarding the basic philosophy on how to do business, and how to serve the local communities. Operating with the highest integrity, producing products in the US, preferably locally, and only selling high-quality products was on top of the list.

“The SwitchIDs are a perfect example of our business philosophies” says John. “ We could have made them cheaper oversees, but we stuck to our principles and truly believe that we have a high quality product that our customers will love”.


currently works as an executive at a Milwaukee-area non-profit organization. Previously he was employed as a full-time faculty member at a local University for eight years where he primarily taught strategy, finance and accounting classes. Before that, he worked for five years for a national mortgage company as Director of Wholesale Services and Manager of Secondary Marketing. He has extensively traveled, including 42 of the states and 16 countries on three continents. Matthias holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Finance, an MBA with a Finance emphasis from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, in addition to three undergraduate degrees.


is the owner of Business Information Design, which he founded in 2001, a database software development firm, as well as Schlick Cycles, builder of unique bicycles. John holds several design patents and is familiar with engineering and production in Asia. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a BBA in Finance. Since school John acquired varied skills working in the home equity loan call center, the marketing department of Security Bank, and developing various databases.  While employed at Midwest Airlines he lead the website redesign team and was part of the team that started Midwest’s E-Business department.